Appointment times include 5-10 minute intake & 50 (or otherwise specified) hands-on session time. Please plan to be on time or a bit early. Appointment end times are carefully respected so the following client gets their full appointment time.


Stress Reduction/Relaxation Massage   $70


ICST Trauma Session                                 $70


Energy Balance Treatment                         $70

Treatment Massage                                       $85


Tune Up Massage or Energy (40 min)    $50


Reflexology (20 min add-on)                     $30


Add a nap (15 min add-on)                       $20



Gift certificates available for any amount.





Packages can be made up from any services. The priced packages below reflect 50 minute Relaxation, ICST, and Energy Sessions.

This is a great way to save money on multi session treatment plans. 


Buy 3 and get the 4th 25% off            $262.50

Buy 6 and get the 7th 50% off            $455


Other Offers 


Referral Credit                         $10 off the service of your choice for every new person you refer when they book their first session! They get                                                            $10 off their first visit too! One credit per session.

Mental Health Referral         20% off when referred by a mental health professional.

Student Price                             $50 for MSU or BHS Students for a Relaxation Massage







*valid through 04/2020