Goodness. This pandemic is quite the experience to be living through! 

My thoughts are with all of those who have been ill or have had a loved one ill from Covid-19. Especially those who have lost a dear one. I'm acutely aware of the trauma and emotional distress this situation has had on everyone. Even the healthiest of people have had to make big changes to their lives in the last few months and that can be very dis-regulating. 

During the process of reopening my office I have been faced with some very tough decisions. Massage Therapy is unlike all other businesses looking to reopen right now. Therapists are hands-on in very close quarters for more than 15 minutes and much closer than 6 feet away. In direct contact with another person in a skin to skin situation is unlike any other profession. Thinking through all of the different precautions needed to keep my clients, myself, and my family safe during this time has taken up a whole lot of mental bandwidth. None of these decisions have been taken lightly. 

Because of the time it will take between clients to do all the proper disinfection needed I will no longer be able to do back to back sessions. I am going to be scheduling an hour between each client for this purpose. It will make scheduling a bit trickier for all of us. If we had a consistent time before I'm planning on honoring those first and going from there. I know we can make this work! It will take flexibility on all our parts. 


I have been creating protocols for both of us to follow. Not because I am worried that something is going to happen, but because it is my responsibility to do the best I can to protect my clients, and myself. I have ordered numerous things to make my office easier to disinfect, masks for both my clients and myself, smock or gowns for me to change between sessions, a bin for clients personal items that I can clean between clients, and more. 

Over the next few weeks I will share different protocols I expect both of us to follow. Things like thoroughly washing your hands when you come into the building, using a bin for your belongings, wearing a mask, taking your temperature, and answering some potentially tricky questions about your risk of having been in contact with the virus. I need to know these things in order to protect you, my other clients, and myself. I feel a deep sense of duty to do this right! 

If you have any questions or concerns please email me. I am under no illusion that I have all the answers. We are in this together and it will take all of us working together to get it right. I need your ideas! 

Wishing you health and healing,

Kassia Finn