Positive touch & a listening ear are vital parts of wellness & are key ingredients in any health plan. Each season of life brings new & different challenges. From the high altitude timberline to the sea level coastline, the ability to be adaptable can aide in all of life's landscapes. Timberline to Coastline is here to help during life's transitions
by offering education, repair & a path to adaptation.

Why skulls & skeletons?

Having strong & solid foundations is key to being able to rise up &

tackle whatever gets sent our way. 


The best way to work through anything is to do it slowly and methodically.

As hard as trauma healing can be, living with the symptoms is harder.

You are not alone. 

Integrated Cranial Sacral

There are many different ways to aid your body and mind work at their full capacity. Trauma cam be held in the tissues just like it is held in the mind. Working with both the mental and physical residual effects of trauma can provide dramatic results. Similar to cases like whiplash the body holds the memory of trauma. The neck may hold itself in a stiff position as if the injury just happened. This is a natural protection mechanism. The same thing happens with emotional trauma. For example: Anxiety can be worsened if the chest muscles and fascia are overly tight. Releasing those muscles can aid in the recovery of chronic anxiety. The greatest results would come from working through the mental aspects with a mental health professional in conjunction with easing the protective posturing of the muscles through bodywork. Our tissues hold memory and it is possible for emotions and memories to come up during any bodywork session. This can be deeply healing if in the proper care to handle it. I work closely with a Mental Health Therapist to best help. Either as a consult (all HIPPA regulations are followed) or as a partner during sessions this collaboration creates an incredible space for healing. 

There are many paths we can take in this life. Love is the key to making your most true to you choices. When someone comes out to their families and friends there are few paths you can take. One is to learn, educate yourself so you can choose the path of love. Asking questions can feel hazardous. It may feel as though all you do is screw up. Just the vocabulary can feel touchy. That's where I come in. With over a decade educating clinics, offices, and individuals during their foray into the queer world I'm well versed in answering the awkward questions and helping with having the 'right' words for the situation. I invite you to ask me the 'weird' questions and save your relationships the struggle of having to answer questions that are uncomfortable or inappropriate.
Helping clinics become allies and able to care for all people without the discrimination, intentional or not, that pushes queer people away from seeking important health care. It doesn't take a lot of time to make seemingly small, but greatly meaningful changes.  


*If money is stopping you from getting the help you need to be your best please email.

I am willing to work with all budgets.


please email or text for quickest response 

(406) 823-0886          kassia@timberlinetocoastline.com

I am passionate about helping people. ALL people. No matter if you claim a letter on the rainbow alphabet (LGBTQ+) or are less than confidant about your body for any reason,
I will never shame you.
I am dedicated to healing hurt, not causing it.

I will not tolerate any bigotry, racism or sexism. Harassment, of any kind, will result in immediate cancellation of whatever services you have come for and you will be billed for the full amount of said service.