Positive touch is a vital part of wellness & is a key ingredient in any health plan.  
Each season of life brings new & different challenges. From the high altitude timberline to the sea level coastline, bodywork can aide in all of life's landscapes.

 Timberline to Coastline is here to help during life's transitions

by offering relief, repair & relaxation. 


Integrated Cranial Sacral
& Trauma Work
There are many different ways to aid your body and mind work at their full capacity. Trauma cam be held in the tissues just like it is held in the mind. Working with both the mental and physical residual effects of trauma can provide dramatic results. Similar to cases like whiplash the body holds the memory of trauma. The neck may hold itself in a stiff position as if the injury just happened. This is a natural protection mechanism. The same thing happens with emotional trauma. For example: Anxiety can be worsened if the chest muscles and fascia are overly tight. Releasing those muscles can aid in the recovery of chronic anxiety. The greatest results would come from working through the mental aspects with a mental health professional in conjunction with easing the protective posturing of the muscles through bodywork. Our tissues hold memory and it is possible for emotions and memories to come up during any bodywork session. This can be deeply healing if in the proper care to handle it. I work closely with a Mental Health Therapist to best help. Either as a consult (all HIPPA regulations are followed) or as a partner during sessions this collaboration creates an incredible space for healing. 
Energy Work
Balancing the energy, or chi, in the body is a powerful way to bring ease and comfort back into your life. Using various diagnostic skills it's possible to assess and use that information to correct energetic imbalances. A long lasting sense of ease can be provided in a short amount of time when using energy work along with other bodywork modalities. 
Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Structural Bodywork...
There are a lot of names for these types of massage, but deep down they all have the same core... Your body has a web interconnecting all your parts. This web is called Fascia. From your skin to your organs this web keeps you put together. But what happens when there's a tangle in some of the web? The whole thing begins to fit differently. This modality can help you untie those knots so you can get back to feeling balanced!

*If money is stopping you from getting the help you need to be your best self please email. I am willing to work with all budgets.


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I am passionate about helping bodies. ALL bodies. No matter if you claim a letter on the rainbow alphabet (LGBTQ+) like I do or are less than confidant about your body for any reason,

I will never shame you.

I am dedicated to healing hurt and never causing it.


No one who is part of Timberline to Coastline will be anything less than a compassionate ally.